practical marketing foundations

Mini book includes key topics for successful marketing such as target personas, digital marketing options, event marketing, marketing plans and more.

29 pages


practical social media

Mini book includes practical information and worksheets on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Alignable. Also covers best practices and digital marketing options.

43 pages


mini book combo pack

Includes All Three of Relation Media's mini books: Branding & ReBranding, Practical Marketing Foundations AND Practical Social Media Marketing!

90 pages of work and instruction sheets.


Branding & ReBranding

Mini book includes case studies of brand, functional parts of brand, steps to rebranding and how to build a brand.

18 pages


business resource guide

Relation Media's Business Resource Guide is a comprehensive instruction and work book. Covers all areas of business to build a successful venture.


A Practical Guide to Social Media for Church. This guide covers why social media is important, frameworks for understand and practical knowledge and suggestions for a strong online presence.


Keeping church social