network marketing is a special kind of business. get a special kind of professional speaker.

Hey there!

I'm Tim.

   I'm a professional speaker and trainer, and I'd like to offer my skills in social 

media marketing to your team.

   Network marketing is unlike any other business, so I'd hate to see you receive sales and marketing training as if you were any other business.

   As an award winning marketer and entrepreneur, I've developed a passion for grassroots marketing over the years years, and will bring that to your team. I take a practical, boots-to-the-ground, no BS approach to marketing training. I've spoken for thousands of entrepreneurs, with hundreds of audiences and built up a lot of people.

   I encourage you to click on the speaker book icon and read more. Or, for a summary of why we should work together:

  • I'm transparent in my pricing (which is listed in the book, but generally I'm $100/hour for training),

  • I offer flexible billing, so one or many can pay for the training (allowing you to have sponsors and cost splitting),

  • All trainings are tailored to you and your company, 

  • Hand outs and additional resources for you and your team are always provided at no additional charge, and

  • We will have A LOT of fun while also learning practical information.

If you're ready to choose a topic and hammer out specifics for your team, send me an email or call (226)-337-4545 to get started.

© 2020 by Tim Campbell

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